Happy Island Maze.

A maze is not only an exciting logic puzzle; mazes are also important cultural works. Perhaps the most famous maze in the world is the Dole Plantation in Hawaii covering over 3 miles. A maze can also be enjoyed at home either in a book of mazes and nowadays, online. The free mazes project online has many famous contributors such as  Yanito Freminoshi who shares hundreds of  his no rights reserved mazes with the public at large. Find here the solution of the Happy Island Maze.

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Flying kite maze

The traditional maze that most people think about is a physical place leading to a way out or dead ends. The digital mazes produced by Yanito Freminoshi are similar but are all created online and thanks to his no rights reserved policy can be printed or downloaded for free. The free mazes project by Yanito Freminoshi, a digital artist from Japan, has increased greatly the awareness of maze art and also the potential that it offers for pure clean fun at any time of the day or night with the addition of a little brain challenge. Try to solve this maze! Click here for checking the solution or scan.

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The incredible work of a Japanese artist

A new type of hobby has emerged for many people thanks to the incredible work of a Japanese artist by the name of Yanito Freminoshi. He has created the free mazes project, a selection of literally thousands of different online mazes that are free to use. The no rights reserved clause of his work allows for these mazes to be downloaded and printed, there are no strings attached to using the mazes and you can check the solution. For example, the solution of this maze is here.

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Howling Wolf Maze

Most people think that they have to rush out of the house in the morning, but really it’s nice to give yourself some time. If you check out a maze, particularly the free mazes from Yanito Freminoshi, you’ll have your mind working in no time. Try to solve the Howling Wolf Maze. The solution is here.

Howling Wolf Maze for fun

Fire Maze

If you love mazes, then you’ll want to know about the maze art from Yanito Freminoshi. These amazing pieces are something to behold and enjoy –and to solve. And the best thing is that they have no rights reserved and are part of the Free Mazes Project. They can be used anytime, for any purpose that the person desires. Most people who know about mazes know about his maze art and he has made thousands of these great works. They have been displayed in museums and galleries as well with their intricate look and lovely designs and it’s possible to solve them as a game. Solve the Fire Maze and check the solution HERE.

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